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Warped Speed Scotch Ale, along with all of Lake Louie’s brands, will be brewed by Wisconsin Brewing Company starting in July 2019.

Lake Louie joins Wisconsin Brewing Co


Lake Louie will be joining the Wisconsin Brewing Company family this July.

Tom has been discussing combining forces with the folks at Wisconsin Brewing Company for years. And since he continually maxed out his brewery’s capacity, he realized it was time to make the partnership a reality.

“After 20 great years, the option was to either borrow a ton of money and expand or merge with a great group of people whom I’ve known and respected for decades,” said Tom.

Starting in July, Lake Louie beer will be produced in both Arena and at Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona, WI. Tom will remain the voice and visionary behind the Lake Louie brand, and all Lake Louie employees will be offered jobs with Wisconsin Brewing Company.

“We see great growth potential for both of our companies and we’re especially proud to have Warped Speed Scotch Ale on tap here at Wisconsin Brewing, and we’re very optimistic about what the future will bring,” stated Carl Nolen, CEO, Wisconsin Brewing Company.


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